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Chuncheon International Theatre Festival


The 19th ChunCheon Theatre Festival


Inviting overseas works to

19th 2017 Chuncheon Theatre Festival


The representative of Republic of Korea Chuncheon theater festival Theatre Festival, we officially inviting an international entries (or group) to participate in the July 2017 ‘19th 2017 Theatre Festival’ which be held in Chuncheon.


Through exchanges between Chuncheon International Theatre Festival of culture and arts organizations, try to sustaining enable artistic and cultural exchanges, feel free to recommend excellent cultural works of art (group) of your country (organization) or apply to Theatre Festival Chuncheon. Please complete the attached application form.


1. TITLE : 2017 ChunCheon Theatre Festival

2.Strap-line: 2017 ChunCheon International Theatre Festival

3. Period : During 7 days in July 2017

4. SITE : ChunCheon MOMZIT theater and others theater in ChunCheon

5. Areas : All kinds of genres, based on the play

6. Showtime : About 60min 70min

7. Recruitment targets : All performing groups (including children, youth theater)

8. Groups can be invited : Under 5 Theater

( under 10 members each group. Exceeded participation have to pay their own lodging. )

9. Support details : Provide board, lodging and Korean food

(Airfare to bear its own team, no wages)

10. Application Period : November 1, 2016 ~ January,31 2017

11. Submissions : Application form and performance videos

(videos should be included)

12. Announcement : In February of 2017 (Considered by the Selection Committee)

13. Contacts : Tel. +82 033)241-4345 / website /

e-mail addres :

Address : ‘Chuncheon art-garden changjak-kwan 408’

71, Seobu daeseong-ro

city : Chuncheon-si



2017 ChunCheon Theatre Festival


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