We invite foreigner’s magnificent works to the 20th 2018 Chuncheon Theater Festival. - (ALLICATION - Play for Theatre)

작성일 : 2017-12-08    작성자 : 춘천연극제      조회수 : 992

The 20th Chuncheon Theatre Festival


We invite foreigner’s magnificent works to the 20th 2018 Chuncheon Theater Festival.


The Representative Festival of Republic of Korea [Chuncheon Theatre Festival], We are looking for a theatrical groups that hope to participate in the 20th Chuncheon Theater Festival in 2018 at the Chuncheon, Korea.


Organizations participating in the Chuncheon Theater Festival and interacting, performing with the theater company of Chuncheon should submit the application form.


1. TITLE : 2018 ChunCheon Theatre Festival

2. Strap-line : 2018 ChunCheon International Theatre Festival

3. Period : From June 14th to 23rd, 2018 (9 days in total), five days of overseas performances

4. SITE : Theaters(medium and small theaters with 100 to 300 seats) in Chuncheon city, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

5. Areas : All kinds of genres, based on the play(theater)

6. Showtime : About 60min 70min

7. Recruitment targets : Indoor theater performances including children and youth theaters.   

8. Number of invitees : 5 Theaters - Including Staffs, under 7 members each group.

                                          ( Exceeded participation have to pay their own lodging. )

9. Support details

               - Provide Venue, accommodation, meals served during the event

            - Support for participation fee : 1 million~3 million Korean won (1,000,000 ~ 3,000,000)

              (It will be differentiated according to the evaluation criteria of the Chuncheon Theater

               Festival Committee.)

             - Provide Access from Incheon International Airport to Chuncheon.

             - Transportation for performances during the event is available

               ※※ Airfare and attendance fee are not supported.

               ※※ Not providing information or transportation for tour. 

10. Application Period : December 8(FRI), 2017 ~ January 8(MON), 2018

11. Required documents for participation: Application form and performance videos and images. (Full video must be included)

12. Announcement : January 19(FRI), 2018

13. Contacts

           Tel. +82 033 241 4345



           Address: (In English)

                        ‘Chuncheon art-garden changjak-kwan 406’ 71, 

                        Seobu daeseong-ro Chuncheon-si, south korea.

                        (In Korean)

                                    대한민국 강원도 춘천시 서부대성로 71, 창작관 406(옥천동) 춘천연극제







2018 ChunCheon Theatre Festival

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